How To Nokia Lumia 925 Earpiece Solution

Nokia Lumia 925 Earpiece Not Working Problem Jumper Solution
Repair Nokia Lumia 925 Earpiece Jumper Solution Ways
How To Nokia Lumia 925 Earpiece Solution No Working

Indicates in investigating Nokia Lumia 925 Earpiece Speaker

1. Begin to check with Speaker gathering, it is situated at the highest point of the board behind the LCD screen.

2. Check for conceivable erosion fabricate ups, speaker terminal twisting. Clean it including the speaker terminal cushions or adjusted it again if either the association may be feeble.

3. Check the speaker utilizing a multimeter. Set the analyzer and check if there is crackling sound can be heard and the analyzer reacts. In the event that no sign of anything, the speaker is as of now wore out or harmed. Supplant it without a moment's delay.

4. In the event that the speaker is alright, and still there is no solid can be listened, check the firmware. Overhaul it or do re-streak.\
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