2016 Polar Box Latest Update V375 Min Setup File Released

Polar Suite Update v3.7.5
Panda Suite Update v1.8.1
SAT Tool Update v1.5.6

Official website : Http://polarbox2.net/i-polarbox-upda...05-05-2016.htm
Link direct download : Http://www.polarbox2.net/downloads/P...pdate_v375.zip

Samsung phones

Samsung J1
Samsung J100
Samsung J100G
Samsung J100H
Samsung J100M
Samsung J100Y

[+] Added DIRECT UNLOCK function (new versions)

Samsung G360AZ
Samsung 360BT
Samsung 360F
Samsung 260FY
Samsung 360G
Samsung 360GY
Samsung 360M
Samsung 360P
Samsung 360T1

[+] Added DIRECT UNLOCK function (without root)

MTN phones

MTN C260
MTN C270
MTN G280
MTN C390

[+] Added READ/WRITE FLASH functions
[+] Working with baudrate up to 921.600

Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,

[ Polar Team ]
[ Http://www.polarbox2.net ]
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