eMMC Pro V1.05 Release
[11 JULY 2016]

Description :

    eMMC Pro V1.05 Released

Release Notes:

    News :

    Showing Partitions available in ON/OFF mode
        You can ON/OFF by ticking the partition tick.
        While it is ON you can write partition by partition.
    Save partition from dump .
        Experienced / Advances users can extract partitions from dump files

    Support Page:
    Samsung GT-I9190 Full Dump Uploaded [ Fixed Corrupt File ]
    Samsung GT-I9190 USER Dump Uploaded [ Fixed Corrupt File ]

You can now operate with almost all mobile phones with eMMC / eMCP inside !

    Advanced eMMC Repair
        Universal Device Programmer
        Free eMMC Booster with eMMC Pro Hardware

JTAG Finder Started
  Service Database for your center

eMMC PRo - Universal Device Programmer


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